Commissions are accepted for the following services (please note that you provide the doll and pay shipping to and from my studio. Shipping costs are not included) :

Repaints 16" dolls ($250) and 12" dolls ($125), and a full enhancement on the face ($100.) I also accept partial repaints and spot enhancements (price varies for these services--please email me for a price quote.)  Face-ups on BJD- $100 for glass eyed dolls, and $250 for dolls with painted eyes.

I also accept commissions for reroots ($110) & partial reroots (price varies depending on what you are having done. Email me for a price quote.)  Custom wigs ($50 and up.)  If you look around my website, the majority of my dolls have been completely rerooted. A basic haircut, and style (either straight hair or a perm) are included in this price.  The hair for the doll is also included in this price.

Commissions for herringbone braids ($100) (see images below) &  hair salon are also welcome (prices vary depending on the style--please email me for details.) 

Turnaround is usually  1 month. Once I accept a commission, your doll is my TOP priority.  I do not let my commissions sit.

Agreement is as such: Half down initially and the remaining half and shipping upon completion of the project. Initial downpayment is non-refundable.  I will create a written contract/work order for you for your confidence as well as a detailed description of what is included in your commission if you request this. If you fail to make payment for the balance, within 30 days of completion of the project, I will assume that you are no longer interested in the item, and it becomes my property. I will make several attempts to bill you and contact you before I assume the property of the item. 

I do not take commissions for celebrity likenesses or portraits.

I am comfortable and have experience working on both vinyl and resin dolls.

Thank you.

Before and After photos of an Agnes Dreary commission.

The doll was fully repainted and rerooted.

Before and After photos of a Batgirl.

The doll was fully repainted and rerooted. 


An Ozmopolitan commission ~ Eowyn from Lord of the Rings.

Eowyn was fully repainted and fully rerooted in mohair from the Flying Ewe.

eowyn sword.jpg

A Daphne enhancement.

(Lips were completely removed and repainted.)

laureen compare.jpg


Victim of a crazy glue eyelash repair attempt. Crazy glue is EVIL! Don't use it~!

Herringbone braids:
See my article in the Sept/Oct 2007 issue



 Rerooting services:

Stella received a full reroot in 2 shades of saran:

Custom Dredlocks:


Hair Salon:

This Tyler received a partial reroot, highlights, and a sexy, short cut:


Wig examples--click below:

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